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kat marie

Dancer   | Aerialist |  Actor | Model


About Me

Hi!  I am Kat Marie, a lover of all things movement related, an avid reader, a crazy adventurer, a self proclaimed financial wiz, and an obsessed cat mom of two.


Really, I think my Dad described me best.  As a kid, he called me a monkey, a spinning top and an energizer bunny that keeps on going, going, going, going...  I wanted to play every sport and do every artistic activity, while also running for school office and making sure I get straight A’s.  Basically, I was a typical Asian kid who had no life other than making sure my parents were pleased with my good behavior, excellent grades and a whole lot of extra curricular activities.  Ugh, exhausting!  As an adult, I'm glad I've intentionally learned the power of resting.  

I moved to LA 15 years ago, right after graduating from Ateneo de Manila University (Quezon City, Philippines), majoring in Psychology and Communications.  I auditioned for the professional dance scholarship program at EDGE Performing Arts Center and soon after that started working regularly in the dance industry.  I worked extensively as a dancer and an aerialist both locally in LA and around the world.  

Although dance and aerial has been my main line of work, I’m now venturing more into the world of acting and stunts. I'm currently in a two year Meisner program with Joshua Bitton and constantly training stunts all around town.


My favorite accomplishment thus far is my ability to adapt to the ebbs and flows of being in this crazy city. Along with actively pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, I established and led an after school hip hop dance program which I grew from 5 schools to 60 schools and from 1 teacher (me) to employing 40 teachers by it’s 5th year of operation. 

My entrepreneurship adventures didn’t end there and my newest passion in the business world is real estate investing.  My husband and I currently own 8 rental units (2 in CA and 6 in NY), just sold 3 (NY) and looking forward to grow this into a well oiled machine that has positive cashflows every month, making money work for us while we sleep! 


My other passion amongst others is being a piano teacher!  I recently started teaching after playing for almost 30 years and absolutely loving every minute of it!  My ultimate goal for every student I teach is to impart the joy of playing in a way that it becomes a lifelong activity they’d enjoy for years to come.  Check out my site, for more info! 


Whew!  Well that's me in a tiny nutshell.  Now time for the shoutouts.  

Probably the most important thing about living here in LA especially after moving from a different country is finding my community.  I found that through two dance companies called Word In Motion (led by Tymme and Aury Reitz) and Cantinas Dance Project (led by Bradley and Joanie Rapier), where I gained a family who helped me navigate through this crazy LA life.  With my friends, my family, my amazing husband who is the strongest, most resilient and most joyful person I know, and my two cats Boogie and Goose as my support system, anything is possible!!! 

About Me


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